About M. Cohen

Maor Cohen was born and raised in a small beach village in the North of Israel. As a young teenager, he began designing and selling simple jewelry as a way of earning some extra cash to buy ice cream at the corner parlor.

He earned his first job stringing beads in a local jewelry store. During his long working hours he began designing his own pieces. The storeowner noticed Cohen's natural talent and unique sense of style and fashion, and promoted him to designer. His talent quickly became recognized, and many of the store's clients began custom ordering pieces from him.

His career began to take off and he designed a number of different lines. He created and exquisite and distinctive line of bridal accessories from which celebrities and socialites from all over Israel rented pieces for their big night.

Cohen then decided to take some time to travel the world and gain inspiration from surrounding cultures. After exploring and spending much time in Europe and Central America, he eventually ended up in Los Angeles and incorporated matchless pieces he had collected from his travels into his work.

Cohen's up and coming unisex line is an easy wear for both men and women. His combinations of leather and silver offer a rough yet delicate and trendy upscale appearance, and are great for layering.

M.Cohen pieces have been rocked by celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi, Buckcherry, Colin Farrell, Charlize Theron, Lauren Conrad, Ashley Tisdale, Jesse Metcalfe, David Cook, Kelly Clarkson, Dwayne ‘The Rock' Johnson, and many more. They have also been featured in films and television shows including Dexter, The Hills, American Idol, The Next Great American Band, Hancock, The Game Plan, and magazines such as Us Weekly, Star, 944, and Spin.

Cohen invites you to view his up and coming, one of a kind collection.